Four Must-Have Monthly Content Pillars to Boost Engagement & Sales

May 9, 2024

Are you ready to seriously up-level your social media strategy? Because honey, I’m about to drop some straight hot fi  re on how to create content that actually converts.

We’re talking no more posting for funzies and hoping something sticks. Nah – I’m about to hook you up with my four must-have monthly content pillars guaranteed to skyrocket your engagement AND sales. Yeah, you read that right – content that makes you money!

Make sure to save this blog post in your bookmarks because we’re going full-on strategy mode for this one. 

The Four Content Pillars: 

  • Pillar #1: THE WHO to attract those ideal customers
  • Pillar #2: THE OFFER to sell without the fluff  
  • Pillar #3: THE EXPERTISE to solidify yourself as go-to in your industry
  • Pillar #4: THE TRAFFIC to build your audience for life

You with me so far? Good. Now let’s punch in the details on each one!

The WHO Post

First up, we’ve got the who post. This one is all about shouting out to those ideal customers who need your offer most. We’re calling them out by name and making it clear this content is speaking directly to them!

Is your target audience busy moms hustling to balance it all? 

Career gals ready to ditch their corporate grind? 

Or maybe health coaches living to serve fellow wellness entrepreneurs?

Whoever your perfect who is, put them on notice in this post! You can go live on IG, LinkedIn, wherever and make the title something irresistible like “Content Secrets for Boss Moms Only!” 

You can also do a quick scroll-stopping caption that has them double-tapping like “Calling all ladies sick of the 9-5 rat race!” When your audience sees you talking directly to their pain points and desires, they’ll notice you immediately.

The goal is making them think “OMG, this is for me!” and tuning in to see if your offers are the answer they need. No more randos confused about what you actually do – just your perfect audience fully clear on why they should listen.

The OFFER Post

Now that you’ve got their addictive listening, it’s time to lay out what you’re selling! Yup, we’re cutting out all the fluff and going straight for a hard offer with this next content pillar.

Listen, I know this type of post usually gets some crickets at first. It can feel a little crunchy putting your offer out there so directly without any storytelling buildup. But trust me, sis – this offer post is hands-down my secret sauce for consistent sales!

No more vague “who wants to make more money??” teasers that leave your audience confused. With this post, we’re spelling it all out in plain English:

What exactly are you selling this month? 

Your mastermind, course, high-ticket coaching program, whatever – make it 100% clear!

Who is this offer for and what transformation can they expect from working with you? Don’t hold back on those details!

Most importantly – give them the EXACT steps to take the leap and get it. Whether you’re driving them to book a call, drop a word in your DMs for the payment link, or directing them straight to your website, this post needs to have a stupid-simple call-to-action

You can create the multi-slide carousel post breaking it all down visually. Or take it to video/audio with a straightforward livestream where you pull back the curtain.

However you choose to deliver this offer post, remember – no rambling backstory fluff allowed! Just make it as clear and direct as humanly possible because this post is designed to re-engage anyone in your audience who’s ready to finally work with you.


Feeling pretty fired up so far? Good, because we’ve still got two more content pillars to dig into! This next one is all about flexing your expertise and proving exactly why you’re THE ONE to hire for X.

Whatever you specialize in, I want you to get crystal clear on naming your zone of genius. Is it money mindset coaching? Facebook ads? Business astrology readings? (Hey, no judgment over here!) 

Once you’ve solidified that one-of-a-kind skill, it’s time to toot your own horn with the very best receipts you’ve got – aka your client wins and testimonials! You’ve worked your tail off getting people life-changing results, so don’t be shy about showing them proudly.

This is where a super engaging, visual carousel format really shines. 

String together video clips of clients gushing over your work.

Add in screenshots of DMs with heart-eye emojis flooding in. 

Read email testimonials out loud with that smile ear-to-ear.

If you’re not already gathering these kinds of wins and celebrations from clients, start making it a habit ASAP. Open up that space for people to submit their breakthroughs, tag you in success posts, whatever it takes. 


Okayyyy last one, I promise! But this content pillar isn’t just a nice-to-have… it’s an absolute must for any entrepreneur, capisce? We’re talking about using your content to drive traffic somewhere you own the platform!

This one is KEY: All these social spaces we’re showing up on like Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok – we don’t actually own them. They’re all borrowed real estate that could disappear in an instant if anything ever went down!

So if the apps suddenly stopped working and you lost access to your entire audience there, where would you be? Stranded without any way to nurture those connections you’ve worked so hard to build, that’s where!

That’s why every single month, I make sure to hook you all up with at least one new piece of content driving you somewhere I control the platform. Usually that means joining my email list, my podcast, or this blog.

It can be a quick tips Reel with a call-to-action to drop into my DMs for a free downloadable guide (which adds you to my email list). 

Maybe I’m promoting a fresh podcast episode you need to tune into ASAP. 

Whatever it is, I’m intentionally using my content to expand my audience’s connection with me beyond just social media.

That way, when someone is finally ready to take the plunge and go all-in with my offers, it’s a no-brainer that I’m top-of-mind for them! They’ve been seeing me literally everywhere and getting immersed in my world. I’m the name they think of instantly because I’ve made sure to make those other powerful connections outside of the ‘gram.

Consistency is Everything

Whew, we covered a ton of ground in this one! 

To recap, here are your four must-have pillars for monthly content that actually converts:  

1) The WHO to attract those ideal customers and clients

2) The OFFER to sell directly with a strong call-to-action  

3) The EXPERTISE to solidify yourself as the go-to leader through testimonials

4) The TRAFFIC to build a lasting audience connection beyond social media

Now I know what you might be thinking – this is a lot to stay on top of! And you’re absolutely right. Consistent execution with these four pillars every single month is crucial if you want to seriously move the needle on your engagement and sales.

Which is exactly why I created my free Profitable Content Roadmap resource! 

This roadmap is a complete game changer for busy entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed just thinking about content planning. 

It’s designed to help you:

  • Get all those amazing content ideas out of your head and onto a tangible calendar 
  • Build a promotion schedule for your offers to maximize sales
  • Visualize your monthly game plan for incorporating all four of these essential content pillars

It’s the perfect tool for turning random, scattershot posting into an airtight content strategy optimized for serious business growth. And the best part? It’s 100% FREE for you, sis.

With these four key content pillars in rotation and my roadmap supercharging your consistency, you’re going to be wildly unstoppable on social. Those engagement rates are going to soar, your brand awareness will skyrocket, dream clients will be pulling up to work with you nonstop!  

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