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I’m an Educator, Creator, Podcast Host, Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Wife, and most importantly a God’s Girl. 

I was immersed in the TV & Entertainment world for over a decade. Storytelling is my specialty. And helping others shine through their stories is my passion. 

Through faith, investing in myself, and showing up on social media unapologetically, I found dream clients — hit six figures in under a year, grew my IG following by 80K, and built a community of revolutionary women.

Wouldn't trade this journey.

Big dreams: empower women, help them book more clients using social media. Because if I can, so can you.

P.S. My business story began when I was collecting unemployment and launched my empire from a tiny corner in my NYC apartment. 


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I've crafted some of my top performing resources to help you on your content creation journey. Think Canva graphics, content ideas, ChatGPT, and freebie templates already done for you! You just gotta add your special sauce. 

The ultimate one-stop shop for my done-for-you business owners who want a plug and play solution. 

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The Courageous Content Academy is a powerful membership that will fully equip you with creative clarity, engaging content, and the courage to show up consistently so you can make more money, period. 

Create content unapologetically to build your credibility and cashflow surrounded by community!


If your content isn’t making money, then it’s time for a new strategy sis. You deserve to be paid for your gifts and talents - PERIOD.  

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Episode 21:
My Mindset Makeover: 3 Key Shifts Towards Abundance

Episode 4:
Your Most Confident Live

Episode 19:
The Secrets of Selling On Social

Episode 6:
Grief & Growing a Business
Episode 7:
Six Shifts to Six-Figures

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After getting clarity in my business, I decided to start the Building Unapologetically Podcast. In each episode, we'll explore the complexities of personal growth and how it intertwines with the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting your journey, we'll discuss the obstacles you face and the strategies that can help you overcome them. We'll dive into the heart of faith, exploring how it can be a guiding force in both your personal and professional life.

Are you ready to embrace your journey, face your challenges head-on, and build your dreams unapologetically?

Building Unapologetically


The Building Unapologetically Podcast


The difference for me has been knowing that you don't need a hundred, thousand followers to make sales and to grow your business. Huge win has been whenever I go live, I either get a discovery call and something's always happening, even if it's not monetary, making a huge connection with someone based off of lives.

Learning to Capitalize on my Current Audience

janel, career coach

Really touching people because that’s what it’s about. Now, I've started to get more and more clients.

Getting More Clients by Shifting Focus

fran, holistic health coach

That's what's changed for me, it's that confidence has skyrocketed... You've got to break through those limiting beliefs. And I think that investing in yourself is the absolute best thing you can do.

What's changed? My Confidence has Skyrocketed!

chioma, interior designer

This came about because I had the COURAGE to present myself as an expert (despite the imposter syndrome). I used to try to decorate for everybody, but working with Jourdan/CCA, I was able to won the fact that I am not for everybody.

Pushing Past Imposter Syndrome into Courageousness

breanne, airbnb coach & superhost

Since joining CCA, 90% of my clients come from Instagram and their experience of me through that platform.

90% of my Clients come from Instagram, thanks to CCA

mia, dating & life coach

If anyone is still unsure about going live, in the last week I went live 3 times and gained over 300 new followers from those lives along with some Memberships signups.

Don't be Afraid to go Live! I Gained 300 New Followers

STUDENT reviews

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Steal My Social Media Strategy: Reels & IG Live

social strategy

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My Story: Maury, Marketing, & Me

personal journey

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My Non-Negotiables as An Entrepreneur 


The Gem-Packed Blog, you never knew you needed. These entries are literally some of my most asked questions, most effective strategies, and most transparent moments. And believe me, if I’m giving all of this away for free, can you imagine what it’s like to work together? Prepare to be transformed.

Start Here & make sure you have your notebook ready!

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In this guide share with you some of the secret sauce and strategy that has helped me grow my audience and sell my programs all from creating Instagram Reels!


Walk away with practical strategies to connect with your audience, create authentic content, and sell out your offers!


Wanna know all of the tools I use to run my multi six-figure business? I'm spilling all the tea on the apps and platforms I use to create content, manage my projects, and generate revenue.


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