The 4 Tips I Swear By For Confident Lives That Actually Sell

May 7, 2024

We’ve gotta talk about going live, sis. I know it gives some of my heart centered female entrepreneurs the heebie jeebies. But let me be clear: going live is one of the most impactful ways to drive sales, build a deeper audience connection, tell your story, and get that cash flowing.

I’m about to break down my 4 tips that will lead you to your most confident, money-making lives ever. Because honey, I need you slaying those lives. I need you saying “Hey girl, join my live at 5 pm!” Lives are not dead – they work.

I’ve lost count of how many clients and sales from $997 to $5K I’ve booked just from intentionally showing up live. Mind you, I used to be a nervous wreck about going live! I’d be sweating buckets with shaky hands. But I knew putting in those reps would build my confidence. 

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So let’s dive into my 4 iconic tips:

  • Tip #1: Keep it Conversational  
  • Tip #2: Put in the Reps 
  • Tip #3: Follow a Framework
  • Tip #4: Ask For the Sale

Tip #1: Keep it Conversational

When you’re on live, imagine you’re just conversing with your BFF or a dream client. Don’t talk to them like you’re doing a high-brow lecture. Use your normal, relatable language – cuss words and all if that’s you! The more you treat it like a casual chat providing value, the less pressure you’ll feel.

Address any comments or questions too. Don’t just ramble on without interacting! You’re kicking it with your people, not putting on a show. So pause, make eye contact with the camera, and respond to those questions or DMs coming through. It’ll create an irresistible feeling of intimacy. 

Nothing kills the vibe faster than a stiff, one-way stream of you just lecturing at people. Keep it a real dialogue and you’ll have them hooked!

Tip #2: Put in the Reps

I’m not gonna lie – going live gets crunchy at first, period. You have to put in the reps and show up even when nobody is watching at the start. Yup, even when it’s just you and a few humble viewers on replay. Talking to a cricket audience may feel discouraging, but keep showing up!

Doing 10 lives where only 1-2 people tune in is an awkward phase you’ve gotta push through. Because it’s showing up consistently like that, even when it feels cringey, is what builds your confidence over time. It’s how you start feeling at ease and able to ask for sales authentically.

I had one student who thought there was no way she was going live when she joined my program. But she sucked it up and committed to doing 2 lives per week, no matter what. After about a month of those reps going live on social first, she mustered up the courage to do a paid masterclass. She aimed for booking just 1 sale and ended up converting 4 clients! The reps will do that.

Tip #3: Follow a Framework  

Having a proven framework for how you structure your lives is key for showing up consistently. In my Courageous Content Academy, we teach our students to map out:

  • Their talking points/what expertise they’ll share
  • The specific offer they’ll pitch (program, product, etc.)
  • Clear next steps for how viewers can buy (DM, book a call, etc.)
  • How they’ll kick off and wrap up in an engaging way

Don’t just wing it and freestyle lives, praying you’ll remember to make an offer. Prepping your audience first and getting them excited is a huge piece of this! Tease the live a few days ahead, get folks to set reminders, build some hype. That way you have an audience eagerly waiting for you, not just rolling in whenever.

Yes, the first few lives with this framework may still feel a little crunchy even with a solid plan. But having those crucial elements mapped out prevents it from feeling disastrous or like a rambling mess. It’ll keep you focused and confident.  

Tip #4: Ask For the Sale, Sis!

This is probably my favorite tip because it’s the money move: ask for the sale! Don’t just deliver value, then nervously trail off without mentioning your offer. Be blunt about exactly what you’re selling. Don’t get shy once it’s time to transition from value into your offer and close.

I’ve been there before where I’m feeling myself during the whole live, fully confident. Then I get meek when it’s time to discuss the offer like “Umm yeah it’s $1997 if you want it I guess…” No ma’am! You’ve got to pump that energy up even higher to sell.

Keep that same fiery presence going hard when you pivot into selling mode. Tell them:

  • Exactly what you’re offering (your coaching program, course, membership, etc.)
  • Who it’s for and what results they’ll get from working with you
  • The stupid-simple next steps to take (DM you, comment to book a call, etc.)

You can ask for the sale multiple times too – at the start, middle, and end of the live. Wherever it feels natural, get clear on what you’re selling and how they can get it. Use the scarcity principle too by mentioning limited spots/discounts. Light that fire under their butts!

Bonus Tip: Make Your Audience Feel Seen

This one is a gamechanger for developing a loyal following and keeping viewers engaged. As you’re going live, make a point to acknowledge your viewers by name whenever possible. Give shoutouts like:

“Hey Tiffany, welcome! Glad you could make it.”
“Susan, thanks for joining me again!”
“There’s Jane, one of my clients showing up and showing out!”

Reading out their names and making them feel seen/heard creates an irresistible experience. Those viewers will be hooked and counting down until your next live! They’ll be far more invested than if you just ignored them.

Taking that extra step to make it feel intimate and personal could be what finally convinces someone to DM you about working together too. Acknowledging engaged viewers by name helps make them feel special.


So there you have it – my 4 must-follow tips for slaying your lives: keep it conversational, put in reps, use a framework, ask for sales, and make your audience feel seen. Consistent action with these steps is how you’ll book more clients and become a live selling queen!

Going live might feel cringey at first, but it’s a skill you’ve got to practice. I’m here to keep you building unapologetically until you’re dripping in confidence.

If you need help with the tech setup for pro-level lives, I’ve got you!
Here is the link to Download Live Video Setup
No more struggling with chaos backstage while you look for clients and cash!
Let me know if these tips helped motivate you to finally start going live.

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